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Brain Scanning Anxiety

The best humor always has a touch of reality. The comic is from the site Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – check it out!

Hot, Hot iPhone Love (More Terrible Neuromarketing)

I hate being late to a party. You finally arrive after the festivities have begun and you know that your friends have already been there for hours, having a grand time doing what they do best. So it is with the latest neuromarketing debacle involving the New York Times and the pseudoscience that appeared on […]

Neuromarketing Debate, May 23rd

Do you feel like neuromarketing is a disruptive new technology, or just another example of neurohype? Regardless of where you stand on the issue you might be interested in a debate I will be participating in next Monday, the 23rd of May, at Stanford Medical School. The Stanford Interdisciplinary Group on Neuroscience and Society (SIGNS) […]

Riverside Presentation Slides

Just wanted to take a second to thank the kind folks in the Psychology Department at UC Riverside for hosting me this afternoon. I gave a neuroimaging stats talk for their cognitive brown bag series, and it was a really great time! For anyone who is interested a copy of the slides from my presentation […]

“MATLAB code practices that make me cry”

Great post from Doug Hull at MathWorks on the Top 10 MATLAB programming practices that only lead to consternation and the regret. It is a fun read: top-10-matlab-code-practices-that-make-me-cry/ Personally, I have often been guilty of #9 and #3…

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LOVE Conference Wrapup

The Lake Ontario Visionary Establishment (LOVE) conference just wrapped up and, I have to say, it was a genuinely fantastic experience. I gave a lighthearted presentation on Type I error and reliability in functional imaging, which hopefully made the message a bit easier to swallow. I also got the chance to catch up with longtime […]

Spring/Summer 2010 Conference Schedule

It is going to be a busy conference season again this spring. I will be at the following professional gatherings over the next few months – send me an email if you will be attending as well and would like to meet up. I’ll buy the first round and we can talk shop. Lake Ontario […]

Holiday Presents for a Neurogeek

I know this post might be a bit late in the season to make much of an impact on your shopping plans, but if your loved ones can’t get enough neuroscience then here are some thoughts for great gifts. Some are specific to neuroscience, while others are more general and appropriate for any academic. Enjoy! […]

The Internet Found the Atlantic Salmon

The last 72 hours have seen an incredible increase in traffic here at To sum it up in a single sentence: the site has received as many hits in the last three days as it has during the past two years. Yeah, really. My activity graph on the WordPress Dashboard looks like this: It […]

The Story Behind the Atlantic Salmon

The Atlantic Salmon fMRI poster has garnered a fair amount of attention since its presentation at the Human Brain Mapping conference last June in San Francisco. So far the reaction from other researchers has been almost unanimously positive. A sizable number of people stopped by the poster while it was displayed and Rainer Goebel (of […]