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PAPER: The Principled Control of False Positives in Neuroimaging

– Current Citation: Bennett CM, Wolford GL, Miller MB. (in press). The Principled Control of False Positives in Neuroimaging. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. – Abstract: An incredible amount of data is generated in the course of a functional neuroimaging experiment. The quantity of data gives us improved temporal and spatial resolution with which to […]

Holiday Presents for a Neurogeek

I know this post might be a bit late in the season to make much of an impact on your shopping plans, but if your loved ones can’t get enough neuroscience then here are some thoughts for great gifts. Some are specific to neuroscience, while others are more general and appropriate for any academic. Enjoy! […]

Quote of the Week – Logothetis

“fMRI is a measure of mass action. You almost have to be a professional moron to think you’re saying something profound about the neural mechanisms. You’re nowhere close to explaining what’s happening, but you have a nice framework, an excellent starting point.” ~ Nikos Logothetis (As seen in Science News)

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Live Sectioning of HM’s Brain

The Brain Observatory at UCSD is doing a live feed of the histological sectioning of patient HM’s brain today. The feed will continue for the next two days while they slice through HM’s brain by fractions of a millimeter at a time. You can view the feed yourself at the following link: The studies […]