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APS Conference – Presentation Slides

I have wanted to attend the Association for Psychological Science annual convention for a number of years, but I was always frustrated by the number of other conferences I had to attend during the spring. All that changed early this year when I was offered the opportunity to give a presentation on interoceptive development. I […]

Cognitive Neuroscience Society 2009 Review

I had a great time at the 2009 meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society (CNS) last weekend. This is a conference that I try to attend every year, and I have been successful in that goal for six years now. Below is a list of highlights from the conference. I want to take just a […]

Dissertation: Thesis Online

Most of my dissertation experiments will hopefully have a future in peer-reviewed neuroscience journals. The bad news is that it will take a few years to rewrite each experiment and get it out the door. If you are curious about internal state information processing or want to know more about interoceptive development I thought I […]

Representation of envy?

Aldo Rustichini , Professor of Economics at the University of Minnesota, gave an interesting talk at the Sage Center yesterday titled, simply, “Envy”. He argued that envy is the social equivalent of regret and that each plays a pivotal role in decision making. He defined regret as discovering that an alternate outcome would have led […]

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Dissertation: Defense Video

Have you ever sat there and thought how your life would be much more complete if you could just learn more about interoceptive development? Well my friends, worry no more. By watching this video of my dissertation defense presentation you too can know far more about this amazing topic. Title: “The Integration of Higher Cognition […]

Brain Camp Review – Von Economo Neurons

While at UCLA we had the pleasure of a lecture by Dr. John Allman of Caltech. Dr. Allman is a worldwide leader in the investigation of Von Economo neurons (VEN) or ‘spindle’ cells. While he was originally slated to give an introductory neuroanatomy lecture, he ended up spending much of the time discussing this very […]

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