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Liberal vs Conservative Brains (ugh)

Last week I managed to get mixed up in a huge debate on regarding the recent Amodio, Jost, Master, and Yee paper in Nature Neuroscience. The paper was a brief report on the ‘Neurocognitive correlates of liberalism and conservatism’ where the authors reported that liberals possessed a greater error-related negativity (ERN) wave during a […]

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This is a brain scanner

Don’t even think of asking if the brains ‘light up’…

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Brain Camp Review – Von Economo Neurons

While at UCLA we had the pleasure of a lecture by Dr. John Allman of Caltech. Dr. Allman is a worldwide leader in the investigation of Von Economo neurons (VEN) or ‘spindle’ cells. While he was originally slated to give an introductory neuroanatomy lecture, he ended up spending much of the time discussing this very […]

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