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Upcoming Talk: Bay Area Memory Meeting

I’ll be giving a short presentation on individual differences and fMRI experimental design at the upcoming Bay Area Memory Meeting (BAMM) on Monday, August 24th. If you are around Genentech Hall at the UCSF Mission Bay campus and have some time available in the late afternoon then you should definitely swing by!

The Middle Ground in Multiple Comparisons Correction

I got a note last week from a longtime colleague seeking advice on some reviewer comments of their latest paper. In their remarks the reviewer requested that the authors revert the corrected statistical threshold back to an uncorrected level of p < 0.001. The authors were left scratching their heads, wondering how they were going […]

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Neuroimaging Statistics Workshop Videos

The Columbia University Department of Statistics hosted a workshop last month titled “Estimating Effects and Correlations in Neuroimaging Data”. Some great folks stopped by to give talks, including Ed Vul, Nikolas Kriegeskorte, Tor Wager, and Andrew Gelman. They recorded everything into Quicktime movies for those of us who couldn’t stop by – click the link […]

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