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Thoughts on Brain Training

Last Monday I had the opportunity to participate in a response panel as part of the Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital series on Empowerment Through Medical Rehabilitation. This year they brought Dr. Michael Merzenich in from UC San Francisco. Dr. Merzenich is an expert on neuroplasticity and is also the founder of several companies dedicated to cognitive […]

Shellshock: New Server

This Shellshock vulnerability in the Bash shell is a nasty, nasty thing. It could allow for an attacker to remotely execute code on a server, leading to who-knows-what kind of consequences. How rude! I tested the server and found that it was indeed vulnerable. I took this as an opportunity to start fresh, and […]

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Response Panel: A New Path to Brain Health

Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital is a local Santa Barbara institution dedicated to providing care for survivors of stroke, brain and spinal cord injury, orthopedic injury and other disabling conditions. To support this mission they have an annual presentation series titled “Empowerment through Medical Rehabilitation”. Each year they bring in amazing speakers to present on a topic […]