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Representation of envy?

Aldo Rustichini , Professor of Economics at the University of Minnesota, gave an interesting talk at the Sage Center yesterday titled, simply, “Envy”. He argued that envy is the social equivalent of regret and that each plays a pivotal role in decision making. He defined regret as discovering that an alternate outcome would have led […]

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New Server

I knew I wouldn’t be able to host the site at Dartmouth forever. While I could leave things as they were until the end of May, I decided to be a bit proactive and move the data now. is now being run off of its own server partition at It took a bit […]

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Back in the saddle

After wandering aimlessly through the desert raising that first cup of water to your parched lips is a simply divine experience.  So too is the first blog entry after an extended hiatus. I have been a terrible author so far in 2008.  At least I have something to show for it though: a PhD.  Yes […]

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Congratulations to the Kansas Jayhawks!

The last time the the Kansas basketball team went to the national championship was in 2003. It was my last year at Kansas and that March it was my one wish that Roy Williams would bring home the title during my senior year. Well, it didn’t work out. Not only did we lose the game […]

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Dissertation: Defense Video

Have you ever sat there and thought how your life would be much more complete if you could just learn more about interoceptive development? Well my friends, worry no more. By watching this video of my dissertation defense presentation you too can know far more about this amazing topic. Title: “The Integration of Higher Cognition […]

Dissertation: Thanks

Graduate school is a collective endeavor, requiring the participation of many if any one person is to succeed. The following is a list of people who I owe a debt of gratitude for their help along my path. Abigail Baird: Grand Advisor Five years ago I walked into Professor Baird’s office thinking it would be […]

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