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Upcoming Talk: Bay Area Memory Meeting

I’ll be giving a short presentation on individual differences and fMRI experimental design at the upcoming Bay Area Memory Meeting (BAMM) on Monday, August 24th. If you are around Genentech Hall at the UCSF Mission Bay campus and have some time available in the late afternoon then you should definitely swing by!

Atlantic Salmon – MRI Data

There have been some requests for the T1-weighted high-resolution anatomical MRI data of the Atlantic Salmon. Click on the link below and you can download the files in the ANALYZE file format. Load it up in SPM, take a screenshot, and presto, you have a fancy new desktop picture. If you want to have […]

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Matlab finite() function warnings

The latest version of Matlab deprecated the finite() function in favor of isfinite(). This is all fine and dandy in terms of improving the scripting language, but this change currently causes a crapalanche of warnings to be thrown as you use SPM. Usually along the lines of: Warning: FINITE is obsolete and will be removed […]

Spring ’09 Conference Schedule

It is going to be a busy conference season this spring. I will be at the following professional gatherings over the next few months – send me an email if you will be attending as well and would like to meet up. I’ll buy the first round and we can talk shop. Cognitive Neuroscience Society […]

The Presidential Election

Politics on a weblog is like picking up a stick of old, wet dynamite.  You might grab it and absolutely nothing happens, or it might very well explode in your face.  It is for this reason that I try to avoid political discussion on  Every weblog must have a focus, and there are more […]

Vandenberg Space Launch

Now, let’s be clear, this is a weblog of developmental cognitive neuroscience.  Still, those who know me understand that I began my undergraduate career in the aerospace engineering department.  I have loved space flight since before I could ride a bicycle.  I made a scrapbook when I was six years old that held every news […]

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Writing Tools: Scrivener

Writing is one of the most difficult things that I have to do as a scientist. The problem is that writing is a necessary part of both grant applications and article publication, meaning that we really do live and die by the impact our words have on people. That fact is rarely lost on me […]

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Phoenix Lander Descent Photo

It might not seem immediately obvious, but the above picture is off-the-scale awesome. The two white blobs in the photo represent the Phoenix Mars lander and its parachute as it was descending into the martian atmosphere. But, wait, where did the photo come from? Well, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter just happened to be passing by […]

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Congratulations to the Kansas Jayhawks!

The last time the the Kansas basketball team went to the national championship was in 2003. It was my last year at Kansas and that March it was my one wish that Roy Williams would bring home the title during my senior year. Well, it didn’t work out. Not only did we lose the game […]

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