Neuromarketing Debate, May 23rd

Do you feel like neuromarketing is a disruptive new technology, or just another example of neurohype? Regardless of where you stand on the issue you might be interested in a debate I will be participating in next Monday, the 23rd of May, at Stanford Medical School.

The Stanford Interdisciplinary Group on Neuroscience and Society (SIGNS) is hosting the debate, which is focused on neuroscience in the marketplace. Jim Sullivan, the CEO of NeuroSky, Uma Karmarkar from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and myself will all weigh in on the topic of whether neuroscience is being used to manipulate consumers.

I think you might already know where I stand based on my ‘Seven Sins’ neuromarketing post, but the event promises to be a lively affair with a diverse array of perspectives. Come check it out if you are in the bay area next week!

Grab some details on the event, or check out the event poster for more information.

2 Responses to “Neuromarketing Debate, May 23rd”

  1. practiCalfMRI - May 22nd, 2011

    Craig, don’t suppose it’ll be available as a podcast or something after? I know it’s just the other end of the Bay but I’ve got a ton of stuff on already.

    I was going to ask about it when I get there tomorrow – I am hoping that they will record it or allow me to record it. Either way, I will try to have some kind of recap up later this week. Also, as an aside, nice website you have there! ~Craig

  2. sleeprunning - September 7th, 2011

    What happened?! Any fights? Any silliness, well assume a lot of that.

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