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When magnets attack

When I was a kid we used to buy dry ice from the local supermarket. We would take it home and drop a few ounces of the stuff into sealed two-liter bottles. Over the course of fifteen minutes the dry ice would sublime to carbon dioxide gas, causing the bottle to distend and eventually burst. […]

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Comments are open

If you feel compelled to comment on a post you may now do so. The first comment you submit to the weblog will be moderated, but subsequent posts will go straight through. On my previous site comment spam was a real problem, but we have installed some fantastic anti-spam plugins that I hope will keep […]

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Why blog?

I mean, come on, the Internet is crawling with self-important people creating blogs. What makes this site so great that it has earned a slice of your precious time? Well, to be honest, this site isn’t for you. It is mostly for me. Writing is like a muscle – if you want to get stronger […]

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Pumpkin MRI

You can put more than humans in the scanner. This was a pumpkin that we threw into the head coil around halloween a few years ago. After scanning we imported the data into Osirix and completed the 3D rendering you see above. After adding the orange color table it turned out quite nicely! If you […]

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Quote of the Week – Fuller

“Intuition is the key to thinking. Intuition is our contact between the conscious and subconscious. It’s your subconscious that suddenly comes through and lets you know that ‘this is something important to be thought about.’ It’s intuition that is continually opening doors of thought.” – Buckminster Fuller

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Hello (again) world!

In today’s connected world it is increasingly necessary to maintain a digital presence on the internet. The blog you are reading [] is where I hope to make my personal and professional home. The other site is a wiki [] that will be a type of digital repository where I can keep information and files […]

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