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Riverside Presentation Slides

Just wanted to take a second to thank the kind folks in the Psychology Department at UC Riverside for hosting me this afternoon. I gave a neuroimaging stats talk for their cognitive brown bag series, and it was a really great time! For anyone who is interested a copy of the slides from my presentation […]

Spring 2010 Conference Posters

I have been remiss in uploading copies of my spring conference posters. October seems like a fine month to rectify that. Below are links to the research I presented at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society meeting in Montreal and at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping meeting in Barcelona. Both meetings were fantastic – I got […]

“MATLAB code practices that make me cry”

Great post from Doug Hull at MathWorks on the Top 10 MATLAB programming practices that only lead to consternation and the regret. It is a fun read: top-10-matlab-code-practices-that-make-me-cry/ Personally, I have often been guilty of #9 and #3…

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