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New Software: HRFun (OS X)

I have been spending a fair amount of time learning the Objective-C programming language lately. While I spend most of my time in Matlab, I am thinking about writing some Mac OS X applications in the future. For those of you who are looking to do the same I can highly recommend the Aaron Hillegass […]

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Brain Art: Axial Mosaic

This is a piece we did as a cover illustration for the journal Human Brain Mapping. It depicts an axial slice of the brain composed of smaller images in the axial, sagittal, and coronal planes. To get the smaller images we used a simple Matlab script to go through each subject’s high-resolution 3D anatomical image […]

August 13, 2008 • Posted in: CogNeuro, MRI • 1 Comment

Cedrus Lumina Serial Emulator

The scanner at UCSB is always busy, leaving precious little time to get in and test your new experiment. You could stay late or come in during the weekend to get a turn on the magnet, or you can debug your experiment at your desk with a response emulator. This page on the wiki […]

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Brain Art: AAL Patchwork

This is a rendering done in Slicer of the numerous brain regions defined in the Automated Anatomical Labeling (AAL) digital brain atlas. The AAL atlas was constructed through the identification of major and minor sulci on a T1 MRI with subsequent labeling based on anatomical location. It doesn’t have any relationship to cortical cytoarchitecture, but […]

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Dissertation: Thesis Online

Most of my dissertation experiments will hopefully have a future in peer-reviewed neuroscience journals. The bad news is that it will take a few years to rewrite each experiment and get it out the door. If you are curious about internal state information processing or want to know more about interoceptive development I thought I […]

Determinants of Free Decisions

I recently went over “Unconscious determinants of free decisions in the human brain” for a presentation during our weekly lab meeting. The article’s first author is Chun Siong Soon, who is an old friend from time he spent at Dartmouth several years ago. I also saw the senior author, John-Dylan Haynes, present the research at […]

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Dissertation: Defense Video

Have you ever sat there and thought how your life would be much more complete if you could just learn more about interoceptive development? Well my friends, worry no more. By watching this video of my dissertation defense presentation you too can know far more about this amazing topic. Title: “The Integration of Higher Cognition […]

Can you see the faces?

I was knee-deep in dissertation drudgery today, making 28 tables of data for the final thesis. Not my idea of a good time. Still, you come across things that lighten your day as you work. For instance, the above axial slice was taken at z=68.5mm of the MNI 0.5mm ICBM-152 template included in FSL. As […]

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This is a brain scanner

Don’t even think of asking if the brains ‘light up’…

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When magnets attack

When I was a kid we used to buy dry ice from the local supermarket. We would take it home and drop a few ounces of the stuff into sealed two-liter bottles. Over the course of fifteen minutes the dry ice would sublime to carbon dioxide gas, causing the bottle to distend and eventually burst. […]

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