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Quote of the Week – Logothetis

“fMRI is a measure of mass action. You almost have to be a professional moron to think you’re saying something profound about the neural mechanisms. You’re nowhere close to explaining what’s happening, but you have a nice framework, an excellent starting point.” ~ Nikos Logothetis (As seen in Science News)

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The War on Fish: False Positive Horror Stories

Citizens of the Interwebs – we are in need of your assistance! My advisor Mike Miller and I have been asked to write a commentary in a major neuroimaging journal that discusses the importance of protecting against false positives (Type I error) in fMRI. This is essentially an extension of the arguments that we made […]

The Internet Found the Atlantic Salmon

The last 72 hours have seen an incredible increase in traffic here at To sum it up in a single sentence: the site has received as many hits in the last three days as it has during the past two years. Yeah, really. My activity graph on the WordPress Dashboard looks like this: It […]

The Story Behind the Atlantic Salmon

The Atlantic Salmon fMRI poster has garnered a fair amount of attention since its presentation at the Human Brain Mapping conference last June in San Francisco. So far the reaction from other researchers has been almost unanimously positive. A sizable number of people stopped by the poster while it was displayed and Rainer Goebel (of […]

The Middle Ground in Multiple Comparisons Correction

I got a note last week from a longtime colleague seeking advice on some reviewer comments of their latest paper. In their remarks the reviewer requested that the authors revert the corrected statistical threshold back to an uncorrected level of p < 0.001. The authors were left scratching their heads, wondering how they were going […]

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Neuroimaging Statistics Workshop Videos

The Columbia University Department of Statistics hosted a workshop last month titled “Estimating Effects and Correlations in Neuroimaging Data”. Some great folks stopped by to give talks, including Ed Vul, Nikolas Kriegeskorte, Tor Wager, and Andrew Gelman. They recorded everything into Quicktime movies for those of us who couldn’t stop by – click the link […]

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Atlantic Salmon – MRI Data

There have been some requests for the T1-weighted high-resolution anatomical MRI data of the Atlantic Salmon. Click on the link below and you can download the files in the ANALYZE file format. Load it up in SPM, take a screenshot, and presto, you have a fancy new desktop picture. If you want to have […]

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Human Brain Mapping 2009 – Presentations

I want to thank everyone at the Human Brain Mapping conference for their excellent comments and insight on my research. I had an unbroken string of amazing conversations with researchers from around the world – it was a real treat. Below you will find copies of both posters that I presented at HBM along with […]

Voodoo Perspectives on Psychological Science

I received my May 2009 issue of Perspectives on Psychological Science in the mail last week. This is the issue containing the original Voodoo Correlations paper along with responses from, well, just about everybody. Man, is it chock-full of debate. I don’t know if I have ever seen a journal volume published with more commentary […]

The Dangers of Double Dipping (Voodoo IV)

A new article discussing non-independence errors has arrived on the scene, and it is quite good. Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Kyle Simmons, Patrick Bellgowan, and Chris Baker have authored a Nature Neuroscience paper called ‘Circular analysis in systems neuroscience: the dangers of double dipping‘. It is the same fundamental argument as the original Voodoo Correlations paper (now […]

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