Response Panel: A New Path to Brain Health

Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital is a local Santa Barbara institution dedicated to providing care for survivors of stroke, brain and spinal cord injury, orthopedic injury and other disabling conditions. To support this mission they have an annual presentation series titled “Empowerment through Medical Rehabilitation”. Each year they bring in amazing speakers to present on a topic related to medical rehabilitation. This year they are having Dr. Michael Merzenich present.

If you are anywhere close to Santa Barbara on Monday, September 22 I would highly encourage you to swing by and see Dr. Merzenich’s presentation. He is a world-renowned expert on brain plasticity, particularly in the context of cognitive rehabilitation. I have the honor of serving on a response panel following the lecture, which I am particularly looking forward to. It should be a really fun evening.

See the below web pages for more information on the event:

Hope to see you there!

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