Truth be told we are a few weeks past the one year mark. Still, I couldn’t be happier about the degree of progress this blog has made in the last twelve months. What began as a simple motivation to practice writing has slowly evolved to become a more complete personal weblog of developmental cognitive neuroscience. In 12,000 words laid down across 50 posts there have been reviews of empirical articles, impressions of public presentations, software reviews, opinion pieces, and updates on the struggle to finish my PhD thesis. It is amazing to look back and see the greater whole that has formed one post at a time.

What is the goal for the second year? My primary goal is to post more often (2-3 times per week) and to aim for in-depth posts that take a bit more time to prepare. This will give the readers of this site additional material to peruse and gives me even more writing practice. The secondary goal is to continue filling in the quiet parts of the site, such as the ‘About’ and ‘Research’ pages. Who knows where this plan will take use 12 months from now, but if we can duplicate the success of the first year I will be more than happy.

Thanks for reading.

August 10, 2008 • Posted in: Meta

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