I have a postdoc lined up

This has been a done deal for several weeks, but I have been waiting for the official letter to arrive before talking about it. The big news is this: when January arrives my wife Sarah and I will be packing up our things and moving our little family (cats included) out to Santa Barbara, California. I will be starting a new job as a postdoctoral researcher in the Mike Miller Lab at UCSB. It is an incredible opportunity and I can’t wait to begin.

The downside is the amount of work still to do on the dissertation – more subjects to run, more data to analyze, and much more writing to finish. Still, knowing I don’t have to worry about employment is a huge load off my shoulders. It is going to be a long December, but we will be starting 2008 in a warm, beautiful new city with all kids of new scientific adventures!

November 16, 2007 • Posted in: Meta

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