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Active Projects

HRFun - Hemodynamic Response Explorer - Mac OS X 10.5
In neuroimaging we often compare the response of a brain region to a prediction of its response, called the hemodynamic response function. The hemodynamic response is traditionally constructed from the summary of two gamma functions, one to model the initial response and another to model the later undershoot. This program allows you to explore the many parameters that impact the construction of the hemodynamic response function.

Deprecated Projects

Zephyr - SPM2 Batch Processing System - Matlab
Zephyr was created in the bad old days of ancient, slow computers. Each subject would take hours and hours to preprocess, which was a real pain when you were making things happen with human-driven mouse clicks. Zephyr was designed from the ground up as an intelligent batch processing system for Statistical Parametric Mapping. It allowed you to walk away from the computer and come back to a fully-processed study.

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